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Teens & Kids

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Skate ParkFootball, cheerleading, soccer, skateboarding parks, homework help, teen and youth services are located in or near Livermore. The City of Livermore Library and Livermore Area Recreation and Park District offer free after school programs for youth at several of its recreation facilities. These programs offer a safe, fun and positive environment where youth can participate in a variety of enrichment activities in a recreational setting. Be sure to see the options in listed under Teens & Kids in the navigation for more information.

Creative youths, be sure to check out our many teen and youth resources.

Do you want to learn more about your community and government? The City of Livermore presents growth opportunities for youths to become involved in the community and learn about City government through participation in a volunteer advisory commission. The Youth Advisory Commission brings together youth and adult, private and public sectors of the community to address responsibility for the care, health, safety, welfare and education of Livermore's young people. The Commission promotes youth involvement in the Livermore community and communication between City leadership and the young people of the City. Creates a forum for ideas and concerns, and provides a vehicle for concerns and interests of youth to be communicated to the City Council.