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Keeping Litter Out of Waterways

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Litter can make its way into local waterways, causing local water pollution as well as pollution in the San Francisco Bay. To address this problem, California’s Water Quality Control Board requires all San Francisco Bay Area cities and counties to reduce trash going into the Bay 40% by 2014, 70% by 2017, and 100% by 2022.

The City of Livermore is proactively working to meet the 40% trash reduction goal by banning plastic bags at most retailers; banning plastic foam packaging (e.g., Styrofoam) at restaurants; increasing street sweeping; installing and maintaining storm drain trash capture devices; promoting the Livermore Litterbug Hotline; participating in the California Highway Patrol Litter Enforcement Committee, and working together with residents and agencies to implement an Adopt a Creek Spot Program.

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Rethink How You Use Plastic

The 5 Gyres Institue and the SF Estuary Institute have been finding plastic in the San Francisco Bay and are trying to understand how much plastic waste rushes into the ocean after a big rain. There is so much plastic present in our waterways now, that it is considered a major environmental contaminant and toxin. Watch the following video to get more details about how plastic is polluting local waterways.

Report Litterbugs

Livermore Litterbug Hotline – 925-371-4766