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Patrol car on the streetThe Patrol Bureau of the Livermore Police Department consists of over 50 uniformed men and women who patrol the City of Livermore in traditional black-and-white police vehicles. This largest division of the force represents the front-line of police service and protection, and is the most common liaison between the department and the people they serve. Their vigilant presence throughout Livermore every hour of the day and night helps to deter criminal activity.

Patrol Officers

  • Respond to emergency calls for assistance and reports of impending crimes or crimes in progress
  • Enforce traffic laws
  • Investigate suspicious occurences
  • Identify and mitigate public safety hazards
  • Check parolees and probationers for compliance
  • Serve warrants
  • Make arrests
  • Assist detectives or other divisions with investigations or assignments where safety is in question
  • Mediate disputes to help prevent escalation

Contact Us

Patrol Sergeant: (925) 371-4825

Patrol Watch Commander: (925) 371-4820