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Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB)

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The Livermore Police Department’s Investigations Bureau investigates cases occuring within the city that are beyond the resources of the Patrol Bureau. These cases include, but are not limited to: crimes against persons such as homicide, rape, aggravated assaults, and robberies. They also include juvenile crimes, such as child abuse/neglect, missing persons, and runaways. All death cases are investigated when the cause is unknown or suspicious in nature. CIB also investigates crimes against property such as burglaries, grand thefts, vehicle thefts, high tech crimes, and identity theft.

CIB is managed by a lieutenant, who has responsibility for both the traffic division and CIB. The bureau is supervised by one sergeant, who is responsible for assigning cases and handling day to day operations. There are currently two sex crimes detectives, three crimes against persons detectives, two property crimes detectives, one police identification technician, two crime analyst and intelligence analysts, and two school resource officers assigned to the bureau.

Cases are usually assigned to CIB after an initial report is received by Patrol or another agency. If you need to report a crime in progress or an emergency call 9-1-1. To report a non-emergency incident with the Livermore Police Department, contact the non-emergency number at (925) 371-4987.

Criminal Investigations Bureau main line (925) 371-4700.

Sgt.J. Reynolds
(925) 371-4733
Contact CIB Sergeant

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