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  • Animal Services

    • How do I get a dog license?

    • How many pets can I have?

    • Can my neighbor have chickens?

    • Do you pick up trapped wildlife?

    • Is there a leash law?

    • Do you trap cats?

    • What is the law regarding barking dogs?

    • Where is the Shelter?

  • Crime Prevention

    • How do I start Neighborhood Watch in my neighborhood?

    • How do I volunteer with the Police Department?

    • How do I find out about crime statistics in a particular neighborhood?

    • How do I report graffiti?

    • I need to complete a community project or need to do community service hours. Can I do this service through the Police Department?

  • General Police

    • I am looking to see if a family member has been arrested. Where can I call?

    • Where can I find local ordinance information?

    • I need to pay a traffic ticket, how can I do this?

    • Is there a service to help me with my PG&E bill?

    • I need assistance finding housing. Where can I go for this?

    • Where can I find information on a shelter?

    • How can I find out about local police and emergency related incidents?

    • How do I register a firearm?

    • How can I report annoyance phone calls such as telemarketers and sales persons?

    • How can I get a copy of my criminal history information?

    • How can I contact the Red Cross?

    • How do I file for a Restraining Order?

    • Where can I get my fingerprints done in Livermore?

    • Where can I find information on a License to Carry a firearm?

  • Traffic

    • How do I dispute a parking ticket?

    • How do I request traffic enforcement?

    • How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

    • How can I get my car seat checked?

    • Can my child who is a provisional driver drive their siblings to school if they have a note?

    • Where can I find California Vehicle Code Laws?

    • How do I get a copy of a Collision Report?

    • How do I get information regarding my towed vehicle?

    • How do I get Traffic Calming Devices in my neighborhood?