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Area Command

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The Area Policing model is not a new concept in policing. Area Policing is often utilized by public safety agencies that wish to expand their community policing efforts. Area Policing requires the alignment of organizational management, structure, personnel, and information systems to support community partnerships and proactive problem solving. Agencies who adopt this model typically divide the city into distinct geographic areas that are larger than the traditional police beat area. Patrol personnel are then assigned to one of the geographic areas known as “Area Commands” for an extended period of time so that they can build longer lasting and more effective relationships with the community and respond proactively to the unique issues within each area.

A Command level officer known as an Area Commander is typically assigned to each area and is responsible for developing key relationships and understanding the issues and concerns unique to their service area. This includes being accountable to develop strategies and direct resources to solve problems in their assigned area.

Benefits of the Area Command service delivery model include:

  • • Increased police/citizen engagement and a strengthening of relationships with the community
  • • Increased autonomy and professional responsibility for staff
  • • Increased accountability for management
  • • Improved quality of life for residents

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City of Livermore District Commanders

Lt. John Reynolds

District 1 - Lieutenant John Reynolds

Phone: (925) 371-4845
Email Lt. Reynolds

Lt. Jason Boberg

District 2 - Lieutenant Jason Boberg

Phone: (925) 371-4822
Email Lt .Boberg

Lt. Joe Draghi

District 3 - Lieutenant Joe Draghi

Phone: (925) 371-4844
Email Lt. Draghi

Lt. Josh Ratcliffe

District 4 - Lieutenant Josh Ratcliffe

Phone: (925) 371-4731
Email Lt. Ratcliffe