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Police Star LogoThe Livermore Police Department has 90 sworn officers and 45 non-sworn full-time personnel, who are responsible for protecting the City's residents, property owners and businesses. The department fosters a problem-solving, community policing philosophy and works collaboratively with the City Council, the City Manager's Office and the community to address crime issues and other civic matters requiring police involvement.

Under the leadership of Chief Michael D. Harris, the Livermore Police Department is organized into two divisions: Operations and Support Services. The department operates within a $25 million dollar budget.

Livermore’s first Town Marshal was appointed in 1876, when the City was incorporated. The title of Marshal existed until 1924 when it was changed to Chief of Police.

By 1932, Livermore had one police chief, two patrolmen, and one 1929 Ford "Model A" touring car. The first police station was located at First and McLeod streets. Including Chief Harris, 27 different persons have served a term as police chief since that time.