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How Can I Help

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You can help us at Horizons Family Counseling in a number of ways. We can use your assistance through donations and/or volunteering on behalf of our program, our clients, our office supplies, and our services. We thank you in advance for considering us.

Program in general

  • Money and donations for program operations, both a one-time gift and on a continuing basis
  • Gift Cards for various programs to be given as assistance to needy families or incentives to motivate children and teens to change behaviors
  • English & Bilingual books for office
  • Therapeutic toys for counseling offices and reception area, including sandtrays and sandtray toys


  • Food donations
  • Gift cards for families: Safeway, Wal-Mart, Target
  • Tutoring services
  • Scholarships for after school activities (e.g. LARPD swim passes)

Office Supplies

  • Office supplies & equipment
  • Signage
  • Furniture and/or furniture cleaning services


  • Reproduction services
  • Presentation/Exhibition signage
  • Digital Photography services for programs/events and web uploading
  • Website updates
  • Volunteer with organization and computer skills

We are unique in that we are located within the Livermore Police Department. Therefore, anyone who personally volunteers here will need to participate in a full background check conducted by the Livermore Police Department. Individuals who have in the past three years used illegal drugs or received a DUI will not pass the background check.